Aquarium Bay

Sandwiched between two islands at the entrance to the Kekova region, this lagoon-like bay is an idyllic spot for swimming, snorkelling, diving, canoeing and sailing or for sunbathing on a pretty pebble beach. The water here is so clear you can see all the way to the sea bed from without even entering the water!

Aquarium Bay is just a 5-minute boat ride from the popular tourist town of Kas and is usually included on Blue Cruise itineraries as a lunch or overnight stop. Cruises will allow time for passengers to explore the bay and search for sea life.

Aquarium Bay is one of the best places in the region for diving due to its crystal clear waters that provide excellent visibility. It is particularly good for beginners and first-time divers as the secluded bay is enclosed between pine forests and steep cliffs which provide shelter from strong winds and waves. The bay is also suitable for deeper dives due to the typically calm waters and the bays deepest point is at 12 meters. On the sand and gravel sea bed, you can find colourful sponges and swim between coral coated boulders. The fish are not shy and small species may come to nibble at your palm. This region is abundant with sea life, so keep your eyes open and you may spot clownfish, octopuses, starfish, damselfish, red mullets, sea urchins, stingrays and more.

Aquarium bay is an isolated location along the Mediterranean Sea which can only be reached by boat. There are regular boat services and day cruises from Kas as well as multi-day Gulet Boat Cruises which leave from multiple towns between Fethiye and Antalya and stop at Aquarium bay on the route. 

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