Turkey Travel Warnings, Safety and more

Yes, Turkey is safe to travel to. In fact, it is one of the most popular tourist countries in the world and has a lot to offer international travellers from it's sensational cuisine to its long and diverse history and cultural heritage. Just from January to July last year, there were up of 21 million tourists, and with 40+ million expected this year, the industry is set to grow. With key sites such as Gobekli Tepe, marking exceptional universal value in light of its unique ancient characteristics, Turkey has seen an influx of tourists in recent years. Its seasonal climate, natural treasures, pristine beaches, and exceptional historic sites, make it a top contender on in the global tourism industry. The travel warnings in 2016 caused a drop in visitors from over 25 million to aroun

Travel Turkey by Train, Rail, Bike, Flight

Travelling to or from Istanbul can be quite hectic and confusing at times as there are so many modes of transport that you can take. Spanning two continents, with over 90% if the city in Asia, and the other 10% in Europe, it is easy to understand why travelling there can be daunting at first glance. However, there are so many ways to get around, and most of them are cheap and easy, making Turkey the ideal destination for budget travel. The country-wide bus system has been getting a lot of positive attention in recent years, as upgrades such as onboard WiFi, new comfortable seating and food and beverages make overnight busing a common mode of transport throughout Turkey.

Travelling Turkey at different times of year

If you are planning on travelling to Turkey soon, here is a short guide to what you can expect to find at different times in the year. Depending on which month you choose to visit, and in which season it is, you will find different activities, food and weather that will determine the best things to do and see. Whether you are travelling in Turkey for a summer tour, or in the winter months, there is always something to do here. From the countless festivals to the gorgeous beaches like Oludeniz, it is always worth putting Turkey on your travel plans no matter what the time of year.January 

Best Beaches of Turkey

Some of the best beach resorts in the world can be found along the coasts of Turkey. From the sandy beaches of Patara to the Turquoise waters of the Blue Lagoon at Oludeniz, any visit to Turkey must include a visit to one of its incredible beaches. The ideal summer holiday for couples, families or solo travellers involves relaxing by the seaside with a piña colada in one hand, straw hat and the views of the clear blue sky and beautiful nature all around. It’s easy to understand why Turkey is rated one of the best holiday destinations in the world once you have visited its beaches. Go scuba diving, tour the coastline one beach at a time, blue cruise through pristine bays for the holiday of your dreams in Turkey with Farout.

Travel planner, Planing places to visit

Planning a trip to Turkey involves choosing amongst the hundreds or even thousands of places of interest for tourists and visitors. With Farout, you can explore our selection of Turkey tours to take advantage of our pre-selected packages that visit the best places in Turkey. There are many famous sites that you probably already know you have to visit, such as the stepped pools of Pamukkale, the rocky hills of Cappadocia, or the amazing historic city of Istanbul. If you would like to travel care-free, with all of your transportation, accommodation and food needs taken care of, then we recommend you consider our escorted tours of Turkey. These are basically package tours that visit multiple landmark sites in the country, at competitive rates which allow you to travel Turkey on a budget. T

Fethiye to Rhodes Ferries

A ride through the mysterious past – ferries from Greece to Turkey are famous in the region, taking travellers to and from these countries which share a past in the age long gone. Ferries seasonally carry the avid passengers from one country to the next, from the Aegean Sea to the Mediterranean.Fethiye, Turkey, is the harbour that stands on both seas, while Rhodes is a small Greek island on the Aegean Sea, known as the island of the knights. It is a renowned travel destination in Europe, perhaps the most famous, due to the presence of one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, its pine and cypress forests, its rocky shores, and the tiger moths that gather every summer. Rhodes has a unique heritage which is accumulated from its time as part of the Greek, then Persian empire

Hot Air Ballooning in Cappadocia

Are you game for a thrilling and magical experience? Then you would definitely love to smoothly drift over vineyards, orchards, fairy chimneys, beautiful valleys occasionally draped in pigeon houses and floating up over ravines as you submerge yourself in the breathtaking views. Yes, you get to witness all these varied colours of the landscape when you take a Hot Air Ballooning trip in Cappadocia. Known across the globe as one of the most favourable places to fly in hot air balloons because of the awesome landscape and formidable weather conditions, Cappadocia offers several types of balloon tours depending upon the flight duration and the services available.And the thrill begins!Once you book for a balloon tour, the crew picks you from your hotel in a cosy, air-conditioned

Eat and drink in Fethiye

EAT.At Farout we love food! Filling our bellies isn’t just a need to survive around here – it’s an event! We haven’t eaten at every restaurant and café around town – but we’re working on it! Here’s a list of our top eateries in Fethiye.1. Fethiye Fish Markets. For a very lively night of eating and entertainment go along to the Fish Markets found in the centre of Fethiye. Feast on locally caught seafood and watch the energetic gipsies playing music.2. Mozaik Bahce Restaurant. For a delicious feast of Eastern style Turkish cooking, head to Mozaik Garden Restaurant where you will be served up large portions of delectable tasty meals by the friendly and smiley staff. This is a popular choice in Fethiye!3. Yengen Burger. For the best kebab in Tu

Fethiye to Olympos Blue Cruise: Myth vs reality

The Fethiye to Olympos blue cruise is one of the most famous cruises in Turkey. Taking the cruise is a more luxurious and enjoyable way to experience the coast of Turkey. The vessels have all the amenities that a travelling individual, couple or family need to make their vacation as exciting, fun and relaxing as a holiday in a luxury resort. There are private and shared cabin options, a wide range of fresh Turkish dishes served on board and many activities to keep everyone entertained – all at a reasonable price. But for those wanting a totally relaxing getaway, this can also be accommodated. The sun loungers on deck mean that the only time you have to move is to top up your drink.The Fethiye to Olympos blue cruise visits many highlights and secret locations along the Turkish

Samos and Kusadasi ferry service

Before you learn more about the Samos to Kusadasi ferry service, it is important to understand what Samos and Kusadasi have to offer to their travellers.What makes Samos so famous?The Samos Island is considered to be one of the most beautiful islands on the Aegean coast. It boasts scintillating beaches, green mountains, endless expanses of vineyards and breathtaking natural wonders. Samos is considered to be the eighth largest island in Greece.Beyond its offbeat resorts and beautiful sceneries, Samos also offers its visitors a range of unexplored beaches, quiet hiking spots and secluded mountains. The island is home to the remains of the iconic Temple of Hera and the world-famous Evpalinos Tunnel, a spectacular display of old-world marvel and enginee