Babadag, part of the Taurus mountain range, translates as Father Mountain, this giant towers over the bay of Oludeniz and can be seen from the seaside town of Fethiye. Babadag is made up of two peaks that stand across from one another with a flood valley between them. The highest peak is 1,969 meters tall, while it's sister is 1,400 meters tall, the steep mountain slopes are coated with thick forests hosting pine, cedar and strawberry trees. Rural villages sit in the foothills and an ancient Lycian road curves around its side.

Babadag is located a short distance from Fethiye in Mugla province, southwest Turkey, it has become famous as one of the best spots in the world for paragliding, with perfect thermal winds and an ideal location overlooking the gorgeous Blue Lagoon at Oludeniz and offering incomparable views along Turkey's Turquoise Coastline. All year round it is common to see paragliders launch themselves from the majestic peak of Babadag and perform 360 degree spins over the glistening sea before drifting down to land next to Oludeniz beach. Tandem jumps with experienced guides are offered every day, weather dependent, and you can even request to have your picture taken as float about in the sky.

4x4's and minibuses can climb the steep road to the peak of Babadag and paragliding excursions can be organised in Oludeniz or Fethiye, May to October are the best months for flying. If you like hiking then a 13-kilometre trail runs from the beach to the peak, even if you don't plan to paraglide the view from the top of Babadag is well worth the climb. 

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