Bitlis is the name of an eastern Turkey, found in a valley where one section of Tigris river Flows into a tributary to continue. The city resides high in the mountains at approximately 1545 metres high and only 15km away from Lake Van. While being close to the lake it is also the capital of the local province that shares its name, Bitlis.

As with many of the locations both modern and ancient it has seen its fair share of cultures come and go. Little is known about the origins of the towns name, however, a popular folklore tale says it is either, named after a general of Alexander the Great after building a castle or it comes from an Armenian story of a lost donkey that died in icy weather in winter.

The Bitlis region architecture has held onto the medieval and traditional styles that many places left behind, making both the scenery and cities superb.

Destinations in Bitlis

Ahlat Selcuklu Anitlari Tatvan

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