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The city of Bursa is often referred to as ‘Green Bursa’ due to all of the parks and gardens throughout the city. It also gains its reputation for being ‘green’ because it sits in the heart of fruit growing region. Mountain Uludag stands tall near the city offering a popular ski destination. When the cable car is running, allows passengers to go up Mountain Uludag to get stunning views of the surrounding area.

The city has many different traditional Ottoman element throughout as well as many mausoleums for the early Sultans. Famous icons such as the Green Mausoleum and the Green Mosque aid the effect of being green with their extravagant decor both inside and out.

Bursa was once a prominent name on the Silk Road. Which led to the creation of a specialist market being created, Koza Han. While Silk products are rarely made here now, there is still a selection of shops that offer traditional products. Here you can also partake in some traditional food and drink in the modern cafes in the square that the market surrounds. Here you can try the speciality that comes from this region. The Iskender Kebab a succulent meal of stripes of freshly cooked kebab beef in a freshly made tomato sauce sitting on home-made flatbread.

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Mt Uludag Green Mosque Great Mosque Green Mausoleum Koza Han Iznik

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