Duden Waterfall

These beautiful falls are a hidden gem on the outskirts of the modern coastal city of Antalya. Just 10 kilometres from the city centre, the Upper Duden Falls sit inside a nature park that breaks up the urban landscape. The river originates in the Taurus mountain range, it descends rapidly overland and underground through villages and vast hills to reach the glistening waters of the Turkey's Mediterranean sea. Further along Antalya's coastline, the Lower Duden Falls cascade into the sea from 40 meter high cliffs. 
The park itself is filled with lush grass and vibrant plants, picnic benches are dotted about on one side of the falls while on the opposite bank wooden seats occupy the shade of large leafy trees. On weekends it is a popular picnic spot for local families. Small stores and pop up stalls offer an array of handicrafts; from vibrant string bracelets to holiday souvenirs and in the summer months vendors in bright red waistcoats make a grand performance as they serve their customer's colourful balls of Turkish ice cream.
A slippery stone staircase leads down into the 'Cave of Wishes', mind your head as you follow the damp passageway to an natural window behind the falls. In the opposite direction, a path leads out of the cave, to a royal blue pool at the base of the falls and along the bank of the river. A bridge over the rapids offers is fantastic photo spot, go early or on weekdays to avoid the crowds.

There are regular public buses to Duden Falls from outside MarkaAntalya shopping mall in the city centre although a Day Tour is also recommended if you would like to visit other nearby Antalya Attractions.  

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