Golden Horn

The Golden Horn is a horn-shaped inlet on the Bosphorus, which divides the European side of Istanbul from the Asian side, forming a natural harbour.  There are walls built along the shoreline, from the era of Constantinople, to protect the city from naval attacks.  A large chain was present along the entrance, originating from a tower, known as the tower of Galata. This tower was destroyed in 1204 by Latin Crusaders and the current Galata tower was constructed in 1348.

As a result of the capture of Constantinople in 1453, Greek citizens, Jews, Italian merchants and other non-Muslims began to live along the horn and throughout its districts. The area was once a trading harbour. Today people inhabit both sides and the shores are adorned with parks. There are three bridges connecting the various districts along the Golden Horn.

The history and beauty of the Golden Horn make it a memorable experience for tourists to explore, driving past the Roman Land walls and Churches of Byzantine Period.

The Golden Horn is situated close to the Galata Bridge and the Spice Market, where ferries leave for the Princes Islands and Asian Side. You can either choose to explore the Golden Horn on foot, the area is known for its many mosques and pretty tulip gardens or by Bosporus River Cruise, which is an ideal way to see some of the cities other sites of interest. The river side spot is also an ideal location to watch the sunset. Tourists and locals alike fill the banks of the Bosporus as the sky turns red and the water reflects the golden hue of the sun. 

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