Pigeon Valley

Guvercinlik Vadisi (Pigeon Valley) earned its name from the countless man made dovecotes (Pigeon Houses) that have been carved into the soft volcanic tuff. Since ancient times Pigeons have been used in the Cappadocia region for food and fertiliser for the infertile soil. While pigeons no longer play such an important role in the area, their rocky homes have still been maintained by locals and can be found atop rock pillars and inside excavated cave houses and churches throughout the region, however, they are particularly numerous in this valley. A great way to see Pigeon Valley is from above via a hot air balloon tour. Tours leave every morning just before sunrise so you will already be floating above the stunning landscape as the sun comes up.

Pigeon Valley is one of the best spots for walking in the marvellous Cappadocia region, Central Anatolia. The valley is located between Goreme and Uchisar, where you can visit Uchisar Castle for a magnificent view, an easy hiking trail connects the two via the valley passing through rock-hewn Christian churches and abandoned cave homes. Adventures may also choose to explore Pigeon Valley on horseback or with a jeep safari.

Both Goreme and Uchisar are ideal towns to base yourself while visiting Pigeon Valley and other attractions around Cappadocia.

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