Red Valley

Red Valley (Kizil Vadasi) is famous for the red-rose colour of the rocks, it is one of the most stunning of the many valleys in the Cappadocia region. There are many opportunities for hiking, quad biking and horseback riding through the valley. Meanwhile Hot air balloons float over head as the sun rises in the early morning, you can watch from below or fly up in one yourself for a birds eye view of the incredible landscape.

Throughout the Red Valley there are many unique rock formations as well as man-made dovecotes and rock-cut churches decorated with original frescoes, although partially worn away by rain the frescoes are still visible on the stone walls.

This is a fantastic area for hiking with diverse flora and fauna, the valley is surrounded by grape vines and fruit trees and flower grow on the hills around small villages. Hiking trails begin in Cavusin, you can combine a walk through Red Valley with a visit to Rose Valley and continue hiking to a superb panorama viewpoint at the head of the valley, this is also also an ideal spot to watch the sunset. An alternative trail will take you through Red Valley to the Open Air Museum which hosts rock-hewn churches with well preserved frescoes, as well as troglodyte caves and fairy chimneys. 

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