Rize, both a province and a city. This town once was sparsely populated and considered to be poor by the standards of the rest of Turkey. Rize's climate is perfect for the large growth of vegetation, offering large heavily forested mountainsides. The city of Rize sits on the North coast of Turkey on the Black Sea. Rize belongs to the best of Black sea coast turkey attractions, and is a unique city. For more tours in this region you can visit our Eastern Turkey tours page.

Around the 1940's and 1950's tea was introduced to the region. This changed the province for the better as it is now the leading producer. The second largest produce from the province is Kiwi fruit, all across the city and towns, you will find public and private gardens fill with this fruit. 

Destinations in Rize

Ayder Highlands Cayeli Firtina Valley and River Camlihemsin

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