Simena Castle

Simena Castle, also known by its Turkish name 'Kalekoy' meaning 'castle village', is located on Turkey's stunning Mediterranean coast in the Kekova Region between the modern town of Kas and Antalya, the province's capital city. Once a notable Lycian settlement, the castle remains largely intact upon a hill overlooking the Gokkaya bay. Villagers have made their homes on one side of the ancient site and a handful of local restaurants can be found next to a small harbour, offering the daily seafood catches. It's an interesting mix of old and new as locals have managed to build their modern lives while still maintaining the rich historical sites. To the west a series of rock-cut tombs are scattered across the slopes of the castle, you can walk down from Simena Castle and take a look inside.

The castle itself houses a small theatre, which is cut into the rock and seats around 300 people, it is one of the smaller examples of the Lycian cities. From the highest point of the castle, the views are simply amazing, facing both the Mediterranean and Kekova Island. The brilliant bay curves around, with a cluster of tiny islands at the entrance, here trees and shrubs coat the cliffside and cling to the rock. Under the glistening water lies, the Sunken City of Kekova and a single sarcophagus protrudes from below the aquamarine sea.  While swimming and diving at the ruins are not permitted the water as transparent enough that you will be able to see the city from the deck a sailing boat.

Blue Cruises will allow passengers to visit the impressive Simena Castle and nearby attractions or you can walk to the site from the quaint fishing town of Ucagiz which is connected to Kas by regular bus services.

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