Spice Bazaar


Istanbul's 17th-century Spice Bazaar, otherwise known as Misir Carsisi, was built to provide rent for the upkeep of the nearby mosque, the Yeni Camii. The Spice Bazaar is the second largest covered shopping complex, after the Grand Bazaar and one of the oldest Bazaars in Istanbul. The market was often referred to as the Egyptian Bazaar since the spices came from India and South-East Asia via Egypt.

A stroll through the bazaar is a delight to the senses - piles of spices in hessian bags fill the market, distinct, with their heady scents of cardamom, chillies, cinnamon, cloves, turmeric, saffron and countless others, which you may never have heard of.

It's a fact that the Spice Bazaar is becoming a bit of a tourist trap, with kitsch souvenirs appearing among the local produce, but there is still much for the more discerning visitor and gourmet. Honey is a particular favourite, and you'll find medicines, herbal remedies and an incredible display of powders and fragrances. This is about as close to olfactory heaven as you can get.

The Spice Bazaar is located in Istanbul's city centre, it is connected to the Grand Bazaar by a labyrinth of narrow streets and just a short walk from the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sofia

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