Termessos Ancient City

The Ancient City of Termessos is located 30 kilometres from Antalya. This spectacular Psidian City is thought to have been of great importance during the Lycian times. Termessos is built on Mountain Solymos in the Taurus range, at an altitude of 1,665 metres, historians say that even the forces of Alexander the Great couldn't capture this fortified city. Protected by impressive stone walls and surrounded by rugged mountains and dense forests, Termessos is ideally located to defend from incoming attacks. Today, it is one of the best-preserved ancient cities of Turkey but still, some hiking is required to fully explore the site. Termessos is certainly not your average historical site.

Nowadays Termessos is a part of the Gulluk Dagi National Park, the protected area hosts rare species of both flora and fauna, it's worth taking some time to explore. The main sights include; the entrance to the Artemis-Hadrian temple and Hadrian propylaeum, gymnasium, sarcophagi, agora, theatre, Temple of Zeus, necropolis and several tombs. Unfortunately little is known about the history of the ancient site; it was rediscovered by European explorers in the early 19th century, archaeologists arrived soon after, one of which was the notable British archaeologist Charles Fellowes, excavations continued throughout the century.

There is no direct public transport to the ruins in Termessos but it is possible to take a bus part way and grab a taxi or walk the remaining 9 kilometres from the main road. Alternatively, you might enjoy a Day Tour from Antalya and combine the trip with other sights in the area. The Anatolian region of Turkey is brimming with historical sites and other notable locations along the Turquoise Coast include, the Ancient City of Myra, in Demre and Aspendos, east of Antalya, the site boasts the best-preserved Roman Amphitheater in the entire country. 

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