Some of the best beach resorts in the world can be found along the coasts of Turkey. From the sandy beaches of Patara to the Turquoise waters of the Blue Lagoon at Oludeniz, any visit to Turkey must include a visit to one of its incredible beaches. The ideal summer holiday for couples, families or solo travellers involves relaxing by the seaside with a piña colada in one hand, straw hat and the views of the clear blue sky and beautiful nature all around. It’s easy to understand why Turkey is rated one of the best holiday destinations in the world once you have visited its beaches. Go scuba diving, tour the coastline one beach at a time, blue cruise through pristine bays for the holiday of your dreams in Turkey with Farout.

Turkey is famous throughout the world for its incredible beaches which are amongst the cleanest, most beautiful and most numerous of any other country. With over 7,000 kilometres of coastline, and more than 450 ‘Blue Flag Beaches’, Turkey consistently tops the charts as one of the most holiday-friendly tourist destinations. These blue flag beaches represent an eco-label that demarks ‘pure water, clean coasts, safety and access for all’, and some of the most pristine expanses of coastline, as decided by the Foundation for Environmental education which is international cooperation that ranks beaches in this category if they meet certain specific criteria. People flock to the Turquoise Coast, Aegean, or Black sea region consistently every year to bathe in the fresh blue-green water that is still chock full of wildlife, coral reefs and islands peppered with historical monuments. 

The most beautiful and famous beaches in Turkey are along the southern coast, with gems like Oludeniz beach, which is also one of the highest-ranked and literal highest paragliding spots in the world. Oludeniz Turkey tourism is booming in the summer, as the crystalline blue lagoon beach that sits at the bottom of the mountain from which hundreds of people paraglide off of every day, making it one of the best beaches in the country. Book day trips from Oludeniz with our cruising Itineraries that visit for the day or as part of a longer cruise, you can choose to sail on traditional Turkish Gulets for up to a week or more at a time if you’d like. There is never a shortage of Islands, unique bays and destinations whilst on the Turquoise coast of Turkey.

Turkey is such a holiday beach and cruising hotspot in the Mediterranean, that thousands of yachts simply must pass through here because of the stunning bays and gorgeous valleys. It is not unheard of to have famous celebrities like Pamela Anderson, Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos stopping by in their mega-yachts at the likes of Datca or Fethiye, surely attracted by the natural beauty found there. Many Greek philosophers like Socrates found refuge in Turkey in their later years, proclaiming the land to have hidden powers and healing properties to anyone that visited its serene mountains and breathed the clean oxygen-rich air. If you are planning on visiting Turkey anytime soon, make sure to check out our extensive categories of Turkey Tours, visiting the top spots in Turkey. We also offer hotel services, transportation networks including bus and ferries, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to visit the best beaches in Europe, if not the world.