Paragliding is one of the most sought out, adventure-packed activities in the Fethiye - Oludeniz region of Turkey. Said to be one of the best places to paraglide in the world, paragliding over the beach of Oludeniz is something not to miss out on. You can book this adventure activity in before your cruise which is recommended as it is so popular and can sell out. You will jump from about 2000 metres and flight time will be roughly 30 to 45 minutes. Do not miss out on an amazing experience, one you will talk about for the rest of your life.

-Oludeniz is one of the best spots for Paragliding in the world and you will have time to experience it while you are cruising with us.
Note: You need to book before you start your cruise, placements on this activity book out in advance especially in peak season.

Diving in Kas

Kas is said to be one of the best places in all of Fethiye to go diving. The beautiful clear waters found in this area of Turkey make it the perfect spot to put on your scuba diving gear and get underneath the water for a good look around. There are many dive locations and many experience levels are catered for. Even if you have not dived before, anything is possible in Turkey, so you can even jump in and have a go as a buddy dive. You can book this activity in prior to your cruise or last minute can be possible on board.

-Kas and Fethiye are both really good diving spots, with coral reefs and some interesting sunken ruins.
Note: If you're on the regular Fethiye - Olympos cruise, diving in Fethiye isn't possible but in Kas it's fine. You need to let your captain know at the beginning of your trip.


At Farout we pride ourselves on the food we provide onboard. Meals are an important part of everyone's day and food is something loved by one and all. We ensure that all meals prepared on our cruises are with the freshest of the ingredients that are in season. You will be served up delicious homemade Turkish meals that will leave you wanting more and more. There are many occasions that feedback given our guests is that our meals are one of their highlights on their cruises.

What’s on the menu?

Traditional Turkish breakfast. There is something for everyone; from egg dishes to fresh fruits.

Cooked Turkish lunch with traditional dishes of Turkish rice, pasta and vegetable dishes along with fresh salads and the famous Turkish bread!

BBQ every night. Fresh fish, chicken, Turkish meatballs, with traditional Turkish rice, and vegetable dishes. A number of fresh salads are also served. It’s a feast!
Vegetarian dishes are available.

Fruits & Snacks
It's tea/coffee time in the afternoon, with cookies and biscuits. We also serve fresh seasonal fruits throughout the day and night. The food on our gulet cruises have always been our customer’s favourite thing during their Turkey trips - we are proud to have the best cooks in the industry!

Vegetarians etc: There are plenty of different vegetarian options. You don’t need to let us know when you’re booking, but remind us during registration / before boarding the cruise.

Birthdays on Farout: If you or one of your travel partners has a birthday during our cruise, make sure you let us know when you're booking your trip and we’ll do our best to make it a special day.

Meals for Cabin Cruises: Included (excluding the first-day breakfast and last day dinner).

Meals for Private Charters: Optional. Can be included with an additional cost or you can bring your own food. If you choose the second option, our chef can take you shopping, to help you out. Our chef/crew’s service and usage of all kitchen appliances and utensils are included of course!

Sunrise and morning swims

On an Farout Blue Cruise, one of the many highlights is the chance to get to sleep outside on deck under the stars. The beauty of being able to do this is you get to wake up when the sun comes up and witness the beautiful sunrise as you cruise along the Mediterranean. Even if you choose to sleep inside be sure to try catch at least one sunrise on your cruising experience. Whether you are cruising along and stop for breakfast or wake up in a bay already anchored down, what a better way to kick start the day.

Wandering through ruins

The best thing about the Fethiye to Olympos cruise route are all the amazing ruins that line this coastline. Known as the Lycian coast there is so much ancient history scattered throughout. The blue cruises take you past and into some of these amazing ruins where you will get the chance to wander through the ruins, step back in time in the amazing history within the Turkish shores. Some of the ruins include St Nicholas Island, Simena Castle and some ruins found in Kas.  

Ice Cream Boat

Hot summer days in Turkey are best spent on our blue cruise holidays. But as you are cruising along there is nothing better than cold ice cream on a hot summers day. Keep an eye out for the ice cream boat that will come find you in your secluded bay. They will pull up to the boat with a menu on hand and you can purchase your ice cream to enjoy!

-Mouth watering homemade ice cream, served inside a half honey melon, and in many different flavours. The same story with the pancake ladies, you don’t have to look for these local boys; they will come and find you

Water Sports

For those on our cruises who need a little more activity than the pure relax and rest you get on board then you will be offered the chance to do some water sports in a few locations along the way. The water sports team will approach your boat as you pull in and anchor down for the evening. They have on offer the big banana, the doughnuts/ringos then some have water skiing and or wakeboarding. Be sure to ask them for all your options and then have a little bargain for your best price and get out and enjoy every second.

-There are various kinds of water sports available around St. Nicholas Island and the Kekova area. They come at an extra cost, but you can bargain with them.

Sleeping under the stars

There are so many highlights on the blue cruises. The cruises are a true highlight of people's time in Turkey and are sure to be one of yours. When you are onboard our gulets many people take the chance to actually sleep out on the deck, on the sunbeds under the stars. As the night comes to an end, grab your bedding, find your spot and lay down under the beautiful blanket of stars that layout before your eyes.

Games on board

A great way to spend time whilst onboard our cruises is to get into it and play some games on board. All our boats will have a deck of cards as well as backgammon set on board. There is always a fellow passenger or two who know a good card game or drinking game to get people in the mood. And if you would like to learn the "national" game of Turkey, then be sure to get out the backgammon set and have a go while on board.

Gozleme lady

Gozleme is a popular choice of food for many coming to visit Turkey. Known as a Turkish pancake whether you order one sweet or savoury you will be sure not to be disappointed. Some of the best gozleme you will get in Turkey are on board our Farout blue cruises. At St Nicholas Island there are little rowboats that will come to meet your gulet and there is a little Turkish mama there making your pancake to order. Whether you are hungry or not you will do yourself a favour by having one.

-Local ladies going between the yachts on little boats, selling freshly made Turkish Gozlemes (similar to pancakes/crepes) will be made freshly for you, like in the picture above. Flavours range from chocolate and banana to potato, cheese, onion and parsley. They are delicious!


For those keen fishermen on board, or those that just want to have a go speak to your friendly crew onboard to hook up what lines there may be on board and have a go. There will certainly be no promises to what you may see or catch, but as you cruise along can't hurt to throw a line out the back and wish for some luck. Anything you may catch along the way, the chef will gladly cook up for your dinner that night.

-We have fishing lines onboard, free to use. Our crew can let you know where/when is best to try your luck. Just make sure your catch is big enough for everyone!!

Strolling through Butterfly Valley

Butterfly Valley is one of the many must see's places for this coastline of Turkey. A very popular valley that opens up to a beautiful beach. Once you are anchored down you can swim to shore and take a stroll through Butterfly Valley. Your crew will assist with getting your shoes and cameras across for you to take along with you. Once you pay your small entrance fee you can wander into the narrowing valley to see if you can spot any Butterfly's along the way.


Snorkelling is one of the most popular things you can do on any of your swimming stops on your cruise. As you get to visit many sights along the way you also make many swimming stops. At each stop share around the snorkelling gear and jump on into the beautiful clear waters and see what you can find along the way. Many of the bays you do swim in are frequently visited by turtles who are friendly enough to not swim away, so keep a keen eye open along the way.


Sunsets are a perfect way to see out perfect days. As all days on your cruise will be what we call perfect, then why not end your days by catching the sunset. Whether you sit on the deck or climb to shore the sun setting down on each of your days is the perfect way to end your daylight hours. Enjoy a cold drink with your camera battery charged and take as many happy snaps as possible of the beautiful sun setting on a day in Turkey sailing the Mediterranean.


Every night on board our chefs try to cook up a BBQ for your night time meal, weather dependent. It's a great chance to sit around with your fellow passengers, enjoy the beautiful smells of a BBQ whilst having a chat with your crew. The BBQs are located to the front of the boat and it is normally a great spot to end the day, with a sundowner in hand.


Over the years of running these cruises we have tried to put together some videos that really show case the product that we call a highlight of Turkey. So take a look through all these amazing videos of our blue cruises to get a taste or what your cruise will look like, or take a trip back down memory lane to relive your highlight of your time in Turkey.