Camlihemsin is a small town in the Firtina valley region, originally known as ‘Vija’ or ‘Vije’ it took on the name Camlica in 1953 to be changed in 1957 to its current name of Camlihemsin. ‘Camli’ means pine forested or piney with the people of the region coming under the name Hemsin.

The town sits high in the Firtina valley allowing for stunning views and leading down to the Black Sea creating an important access point in the local mountains. As is the case in the valley the primary income is forestry work, which leads to many younger people going to local cities to work and return later to continue with the family businesses. The housing here sits on steep hills as the framework is not immediately apparent has been a fascination to visitors who notice they seem to sit perfectly as if by magic. The village is also famous for its food, with many of the townsfolk being among the Turkeys best bakers leading to a specially made fondue style hot cheese, butter and flour pudding.

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