Devrent Valley

Unlike other valleys in the Cappadocia region, Devrent Valley was never inhabited by humans. There are no rock-hewn churches or ancient castles, nor are there any troglodyte caves or pigeon homes. Instead what draws visitors to Devrent Valley is the incredible pink-hued rock formations and geological anomalies that have been formed by centuries of erosion. Wind and water have worked away at the soft volcanic tuff to leave behind compelling pillar-like shapes and other odd forms. Many have dubbed this region the Lunar Landscape or Moonscape for its unearthly appearance and it is necessary to see the area from above to fully appreciate why it has earnt this name.

Scattered about the valley you can find animal shaped rocks and Fairy Chimneys among other interesting formations, the easiest to spot are the dolphin, snake, seal, alligator and praying Mary. Feel free to use your imagination while exploring.

Devrent Valley, also known as the Pink Valley or Imaginary Valley, it is located on the northern slopes of Aktepe, 5 kilometers from Pasabaglari (Monks Valley) and 5 kilometers from Avanos, a town known for its pottery workshops and lively market. It sits the outskirts of Goreme Village, a major town and transport hub for the region and a 10 minute drive can take you to the head of the valley where a natural stone camel looms over the entrance. Devrent Valley is included in many Cappadocia Day Tour itineraries; Jeep, Quad or Horse Safari's are some of the various options for exploring the region. There are also marked hiking trails connecting Devrent with surrounding valleys. The spectacular Devrent Valley is  certainly worth a visit.

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