Hagia Sofia - Trabzon

The counterpart to the Mosque in Istanbul, it was also built by during the Byzantine era however the Hagia Sofia in Trabzon is once again a place of worship. Built between 1238 and 1263 during the reign of Manuel I of Trebizond, an empire that consisted of lands from Trabzon and other areas on the black sea and other places around the eastern shore of the Black Sea. In 1584 it was converted to be used as a mosque for the local Muslims to pray in grandeur.

During World War I the town saw occupation by the Russian Military, as it was one of the largest buildings it was used as a temporary hospital and depot. After the war had finished it was returned and reused as a mosque, however, this was a short time as in 1964 it was turned into a museum as a way for visitors to learn about the past. In 2012 religious authorities gained the right to convert it back to a mosque for active prayer, to maintain the frescos and make it comfortable for religious observers they were veiled and the floor carpeted.

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