Trabzon is a bustling city that contrasts itself beautifully between the historical destinations and modern life. Iconic destinations such as Sumela Monastery show the city and surround area’s heritage from throughout the generations.

Within the city itself there is the Aya Sofya museum, which shares its name with a counterpart in Istanbul, was once a Byzantine church to later be used as a mosque. With news mosques being built this ancient building was converted into a museum. Outside is an open-air tea house which offers a refreshing place to enjoy a glass of Turkish cay.
The city of Trabzon is a special place for anyone to take a Turkey Tour, the founder of modern Turkey is Mustafa Kemal Ataturk his personal villa was built in Trabzon and now stands as a beloved tourist destination with tours of the interior and the stately grounds.

The old city is easily spotted by the Trabzon wall. Often the walls are called the Trabzon castle but did were not used as a castle function but rather as a defensive outer wall to protect the city. The wall surrounding the old city shows a clear difference between traditional and modern Turkish cities.

Trabzon Turkey tourism is amongst the greenest and most sought out natural wonders in Turkey due to its untouched natural expanses. Our Black Sea tour page has numerous options for your discovery of this wonderful region, our Trabzon Turkey tours. You can embark on a 2 day or 3-day tour from Istanbul, for a quick but comprehensive tour of the Trabzon area, or rather 3 to 5 day Pontic Roots tours that explore the region in more depth. Lastly, if you are looking for a more private tour, we offer a 4 day the Black Sea and Trabzon private tour for your utmost comfort whilst visiting this beautiful region. There are so many breathtaking tourist attractions in Trabzon, including the quaint town of Rize, and the lakeside town of Uzungol, for which we offer a Uzungol lake tour.

Destinations in Trabzon

Sumela Monastery Uzungol Hagia Sofia Altindere valley Karaca Cave Hamsikoy Caglayan Ataturk's Villa Boztepe Hill Sera Lake

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