The Fethiye to Olympos blue cruise is one of the most famous cruises in Turkey. Taking the cruise is a more luxurious and enjoyable way to experience the coast of Turkey. The vessels have all the amenities that a travelling individual, couple or family need to make their vacation as exciting, fun and relaxing as a holiday in a luxury resort. There are private and shared cabin options, a wide range of fresh Turkish dishes served on board and many activities to keep everyone entertained – all at a reasonable price. But for those wanting a totally relaxing getaway, this can also be accommodated. The sun loungers on deck mean that the only time you have to move is to top up your drink.

The Fethiye to Olympos blue cruise visits many highlights and secret locations along the Turkish coastline so it attracts lots of different people from around the world and with that very mixed views of the trip. This article is to lay out the myths and realities of Fethiye to Olympos blue cruises:


The Fethiye to Olympos cruises are booze cruises for young people. The Fethiye to Olympos blue cruise with Farout is neither a booze cruise nor an “old people’s cruise”. The Farout Fethiye to Olympos blue cruise is simply put, a cruise where all nationalities and ages join a fun and relaxing tour along the coast. For travellers looking for a party boat, we suggest taking our 18-35’s gulet cruise with Topdeck Travel.

Fethiye to Olympos Blue cruises are expensive. This is totally dependent on the cruise, class of yacht and itinerary you take. There definitely are more expensive options; however, the Farout Fethiye to Olympos blue cruise travelling on a standard gulet starts at just €185 per person. That’s €46 per day and includes your accommodation, all your meals, travel and fun for the whole trip!

‘We’re heading on a sailing trip.’ It’s important to note that the Fethiye to Olympos Blue cruise gulets often do not sail. Most gulets nowadays are not equipped with sails but powered with motor. This is because the distances we travel in just four days are quite long.

I’m worried about being seasick. This can be a problem for some people. But one that can be managed. The Fethiye to Olympos blue cruise route is located in the Mediterranean Sea – one of the calmest seas in the world. However, if you are still worried all pharmacies in Fethiye sell sea sickness medication to ensure you enjoy your cruise.

There isn’t anything to do, I’ll get bored. False! Fethiye to Olympos blue cruises can be as active as you make them. One day you can be hiking up to the top of St Nicholas Island to watch a beautiful sunset or paragliding over Oludeniz to the next day diving in the crystal blue waters around Kas. There are many activities available, however, if you feel more like relaxing then this is available too.


The food is delicious. The food on board a Fethiye to Olympos blue cruise with Farout is the best food you will have in Turkey. Though a big statement is one that we stand by. Our chefs cook up a variety of delicious meals and can cater to all dietary requirements

Blue cruises are a lot of fun! TRUE. Just read our testimonials for the Fethiye to Olympos blue cruise. We have people from all over the world comment on that the blue cruise was the favourite thing they did while visiting Turkey.

It matters when I book. Like all tours, it is ideal to book early to receive the best deal and discounts. However, for those that are more spontaneous, we can cater for bookings even a week before you depart! For tours in April to June and October, it will be easier to secure your spot on board as this is our low season. For anyone travelling in July, August and September we highly recommend booking in advance as these cruises often fill up months in advance.

We’ll visit sites only accessible by the sea. Most of the destinations we visit on a Fethiye to Olympos blue cruise are in fact only accessible by the sea. Some of these places include Kekova and the Sunken City, St Nicholas Island and Butterfly Valley.

Crew do not speak English. All our crew are Turkish locals thus English is not the first language. On many other blue cruises, you will have no crew that speak English, however, on Farout blue cruises, we try to ensure that at least one member of crew speaks English to communicate with customers. This is usually your captain and you will find the deckhand also speaks a little or is in the process of learning. No matter the level of our crew’s English, they are very professional and will ensure your trip is a fabulous one.

There are many myths and truths of travelling on a Fethiye to Olympos blue cruise, can you think of any more?