Planning a trip to Turkey involves choosing amongst the hundreds or even thousands of places of interest for tourists and visitors. With Farout, you can explore our selection of Turkey tours to take advantage of our pre-selected packages that visit the best places in Turkey. There are many famous sites that you probably already know you have to visit, such as the stepped pools of Pamukkale, the rocky hills of Cappadocia, or the amazing historic city of Istanbul. If you would like to travel care-free, with all of your transportation, accommodation and food needs taken care of, then we recommend you consider our escorted tours of Turkey. These are basically package tours that visit multiple landmark sites in the country, at competitive rates which allow you to travel Turkey on a budget. Throughout our website, you will find tour guides organized by destination, time of year and region in Turkey

Some of the prettiest places in Turkey can be found along its many coastlines (there are 4 seas around Turkey), whether it's the Turquoise coast bordering the Mediterranean to the South, or the Aegean to the west and the Black Sea to the North. Some of these places, like Ephesus, Pergamon, Troy and Olympos are ancient cities that have left behind a huge abundance of historical artefacts, temples and monuments that you can still visit today. Alternatively, as many people choose to do, you could go off the grid and follow the backpackers that hop from hostel to hostel, hitchhiking and taking buses to explore the beautiful landscapes and scenic natural vistas all around. This type of travel is not for everyone, however, it is a great way to venture into the unexplored places in Turkey and possibly stumble upon some ancient artefacts and neolithic monuments.

When planning a trip to Turkey, there are a few things you need to have in mind beforehand, namely the length of stay, budget and type of travel you are looking for. With these in mind, it will be much easier to determine the range of destinations to visit, and how far you would like to travel, as Turkey is a very large country. Some people like to decide on a route for planning a road trip through Turkey, as driving down the mountainous roads can be quite pleasant. There are many caravan routes that you could take on the southern coast of Turkey, from Fethiye to Marmaris or the Datca Peninsula, there are many dedicated caravan stops where you can camp for the night and replenish supplies. This is a great way to see Turkey up close, with plenty of mountain roads, and untouched forests to explore.