Travelling to or from Istanbul can be quite hectic and confusing at times as there are so many modes of transport that you can take. Spanning two continents, with over 90% if the city in Asia, and the other 10% in Europe, it is easy to understand why travelling there can be daunting at first glance. However, there are so many ways to get around, and most of them are cheap and easy, making Turkey the ideal destination for budget travel. The country-wide bus system has been getting a lot of positive attention in recent years, as upgrades such as onboard WiFi, new comfortable seating and food and beverages make overnight busing a common mode of transport throughout Turkey.

Apart from highly affordable bus trips, some people choose to ride their bike (bicycle or motorbike) or even travel by rail, as Turkey also accommodates for these less frequented transportation methods. The biking scene in Turkey is huge, and it’s easy to understand why when you see the endless expanse of breathtaking scenery everywhere you go. There is a Bike race in Turkey, and new bike routes are often being added to city infrastructures these days, also there are many motorbike races and groups that gather frequently to hit the highway. As for rail travel, many of the top destinations are reachable via train, and today you can find high-speed trains as well as international trains from Istanbul city heading to a wide range of destinations.

Flight travel in Turkey is becoming increasingly affordable, as prices for domestic flights can be found on budget airlines for cheap, even one or two nights before the flight. Discover Turkey and travel cheap by using domestic flights that are included and many of our longer tours. For our package tours starting and ending in Istanbul, we always include flights in the price to ensure convenience for our customers. Our promise to our customers is to take care of you as soon as you arrive in Turkey. For those travelling the globe to visit Turkey from abroad, just remember to book your flight in advance to ensure the best deals on your trip, and we will organize all of your needs in Turkey so that once you arrive it’s an easy trip.