One exciting day on a Selcuk to Pamukkale Tour

Selcuk is a historical wonder in itself, but if you’re looking to explore nearby regions as well, you’re really spoilt for choice. One of the best places to travel to from Selcuk is Pamukkale. The best way to go to Pamukkale from Selcuk is to incorporate it into your itineraries as a day tour from Selcuk. There are a number of Selcuk to Pamukkale tours that are worth choosing – they not only offer you with affordable prices but also offer an exhilarating ride. The ideal Selcuk to Pamukkale tour covers everything – right from hotel pickups and drops to lunch, guide charges and entry fees. So all you need to do is book your tour with Farout and be rest assured of having a blast.Pamukkale (the word means “cotton castle” in English), a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is cons

Discover the Best Places to Eat in Turkey

Turkey is known for its rich and diverse culture, and also for its delectable cuisine. If you are going to Turkey and you want to have the pleasure of tasting authentic Turkish dishes, it is essential to know the best places to eat in Turkey.You can, of course, let Google and guide books direct you to the best places to eat in Turkey. You can also rely on a local guide to take you to where the locals go to eat out if you really want a kind of food adventure that you will remember for the rest of your life.Famous Turkish Restaurants

Olympos Tours

Olympos was an ancient Lycian city located near the coast. Today, the ruins of the old city are located on the south side of Çıralı town in Kumluca District, Antalya Province of Turkey. Many people visiting Turkey book Olympos tours because this is an excellent place to see. Additionally, Olympos is easy to reach, unlike other popular destinations in Turkey, such as Anatolia or Cappadocia. It is just a short bus ride from most resort towns and an hour and a half from Antalya.World-renowned Olympos Beach and Treehouse AccommodationIf there is one thing that makes Olympos tours very popular, it is the famous treehouse accommodation being offered here. The accommodations are rooms that are constructed in trees. The setting is in an ideal and beautiful locati

From Greece to Turkey – Rhodes to Marmaris Ferry

The best and easiest way to travel from Greece to Turkey is via the Rhodes to Marmaris ferry ride. Some ferries depart from Greek islands (about six) to Turkish ports. The most convenient and one of the most common choices is the ferry ride from the island of Rhodes to the isle of Marmaris.Rhodes, GreeceThe Greek island of Rhodes is the largest of all Dodecanese islands in the eastern Aegean Sea. It is also considered one of the most visited tourist destinations in Greece. The reasons for this almost unsurpassed po

Take your Pick of the Best Turkish Food

Turkey is popularly known for its delicious cuisine, which is a great mixture of Mediterranean, Balkan, Middle Eastern, Central Asian and European cuisines. This means that when in Turkey, you will have a great deal of choices of delicious best Turkish food selections.Best Turkish Food ChoicesIf you want to experience Turkey, one of your best options is to savor some of the most commonly served dishes in local restaurants. Most of these dishes are also favorites for home cooking. Some of the best Turkish foods include:Vegetable Dishes (Zeytin Yağlı)

Turkey: the Perfect Break

Dating its history back to prehistory, modern Turkey was established in 1923 with its capital, Ankara. Turkey is one of the largest countries, attracting millions of tourists yearly. Its more significant part lies within Asia, while its more minor part is located in the part of Europe, making it a country of significant geostrategic importance. Due to its brilliant weather, historical sites and monuments, crystal clear waters, honey-colored beaches, and charming coastline, it is one of the world's most beloved and leading tourist destinations.Let's Discover Turkey and Its TreasuresTurkey is a considerable and diverse country boasting many exciting cities of historical and cultural importance, such as Istanbul, Turkey's largest city. Once the capital of

Turkey ANZAC Tours

If you want a memorable historical holiday adventure, taking the Turkey Anzac tour is recommended. Anzac Day is celebrated yearly to commemorate the specific time in Australian and New Zealand history, 1915, when soldiers from both countries held and battled Gallipoli from April 25th to December 20th.When you take the Turkey Anzac tours, you can see and explore the Gallipoli peninsula's memorials, military points, and battlefields.You can take the Anzac Walk, which has been successfully designed to allow visitors to walk through the main area that the Anzacs – the soldiers – held during the 1915 conflict. The area was taken from the Turks right after the August Offensive that took place from

Pamukkale Tours

Imagine a natural spa that has been frequented since the 2nd century BC. The people from the ancient city of Hierapolis regarded it as a thermal spa, with their esteemed patronage akin to the modern-day VVIPs enjoying the luxurious hot springs with balmy waters flowing gracefully in waves over waves of smooth white terraces at the top of a cliff. The cliff itself looks like it’s made of frosting on a cake, frozen in concentric-looking circles.From afar, you feel like you are nearing a white foam castle. Yes, Pamukkale means cotton castle, and it’s not hard to see why. But don’t fall for the delusion. The foamy stuff is calcium carbonate precipitated from the spring water as it flows over, initially gelatin-like in

Enjoy a Luxurious and Relaxing Fethiye to Olympos Blue Voyage

A Blue Voyage is a Blue Cruise or you; in Turkish, age means Mavi Yolculuk. It is a term most commonly used for recreational cruises along the famous Turkish Riviera (the southwestern coast of Turkey). One of the most famous cruises in Turkey is the Fethiye to Olympos Blue Voyage (though there is no port in Olympos, and to get there, a shuttle service from Demre is used).Fethiye to Olympos Blue Voyage for a Romantic GetawayOne of the most common reasons why people take the Fethiye to Olympos Blue Voyage is for honeymoons or to celebrate wedding anniversaries. This specific tour is an excellent choice for romantic getaways because it allows the couples to enjoy each other while surrounded by the beauty of the Aegean Sea.The best time to enjoy

Enjoy a Typical Four-Day Olympos to Fethiye Blue Cruise

Olympos and Fethiye are undoubtedly two of the most popular destinations in Turkey. These two towns boast some of the best attractions in this diverse nation. If you want to enjoy these two Turkish towns, you should book a four-day Olympos to Fethiye blue cruise.Day OneYour Olympos to Fethiye blue cruise begins with a shuttle transfer from Olympus to Demre (there is no port in Olympos, and the cruise starts in Demre). Demre is famous as a pilgrimage location because of the St. Nicholas Church, considered by many to be a spiritual place. St. Nicholas is, of course, more commonly known to many as Santa Claus, whom many believed to be the bishop of Myra who lived during the fourth century. Aside from a visit to the church, guests can also go shopping while in D