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Second Largest and The Best Preserved Ancient City Of The World

Ephesus is probably the best-preserved city in the eastern Mediterranean, with only an estimated 15% being excavated. The city hosted one of the seven churches of Asia as addressed in the Bible and it is thought that the Gospel of John was written here. It is also a graveyard of a large number of gladiators.

Originally established as a port on the mouth of the river Cayster, it was a strategic trade route for Anatolia and quickly became one of the foremost cities of the world.

There are many spectacular ruins to see in Ephesus. Some of these include; the Marble Sacred Street, connecting to the Great Theatre, the Library of Celsus, St John’s Basilica, the Commercial Agora, Gate of Augustus, Temple of Hadian, the Odeon, baths, brothels and interesting private houses.

The library of Celsus was built by Gaius Julius Aquila in honour of his father Celsus Polemaeanus, the Roman governor of Asia Minor in 125 AD. It is believed that the library was once home to 12, 000 scrolls, each one located in niches around the walls.

The library was built as part of a complex and was designed with an extravagant entrance, with larger central columns and capitals, as to enhance the overall perceived size. There are statues representing the virtues of Goodness, Thought, Knowledge and Wisdom.

Our Turkey Ephesus tour is a great comprehensive Itinerary that will cover all of the spectacular attractions that Ephesus has to cover. The Ephesus tourism industry is particularly crowded during the summer months, so don't forget to book early for some guaranteed tickets. All of the Ephesus tourist attractions are included in the tour, and Farout's Ephesus tour includes a visit to Kusadasi.

Some other places to visit while you are visiting the Ephesus region include Virgin Mary House, Sirince and Pergamon.

Destinations in Ephesus

Ephesus Basilica Library of Celsus Church of Mary Commercial Agora Curetes Street Domitian Temple East Gymnasium Ephesus in the Bible Hadrian Temple Harbor Street Hercules Gate Latrines Magnesia Gate Memmius Monument Odeion Prytaneion Scholastic Baths State Agora Terrace Houses Brothel The Great Theater

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