Tourism in Izmir has so much to offer, the third-largest city in Turkey, with the second-largest port and a very modern setting in comparison to other cultural centres in Turkey.  Izmir is regarded as one of the most progressive cities in Turkey.  The region of Izmir incorporates nearby ancient cities; Ephesus, Pergamon, Sardis, Kusadasi, Cesmi and Foca. Travel to turkey Izmir to discover some unique culture and spectacular landscapes. Izmir turkey tours offer comprehensive visits to the most popular tourist attractions, and Izmir turkey travel guides can help you to make the most of your trip. Some of the best tourist places in Izmir turkey are listed below:


On the Mountain Yamanlar is the tomb of Tantalus. The tomb was designed to be in an isostatic style, meaning rectangular in plan, covered with vaults. This tomb is thought to date back to ancient Smyrna, the most western of Ottoman Turkey cities, around 580 – 520 BC.

Located in the Izmir harbour, the clock tower is a beautiful piece of marble architecture. The tower has four fountains placed around the base in a circular pattern and stands 25 metres high.

This ancient theatre was originally built for Alexander the Great. After being destroyed by an earthquake, it was rebuilt by the Romans. Most of the ancient Agora is buried; however Corinthian columns, vault chambers and a reconstructed arch are present. Muslims also built a cemetery on the site and many tombstones can be found around the perimeter.

There are nine synagogues in Izmir, all with 19th-century designs. Most have been newly restored and are open to the public.

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Destinations in Izmir

Kusadasi Cesme Selcuk Ephesus St John's Basilica Isabey Mosque Seven Sleepers Virgin Marys House Temple of Artemis Pergamon Sardis Foca Sirince Priene Miletus Didyma - Temple of Apollo Smyrna Pamucak Beach

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