Kocakari Bay

Kocakari Bay, loved by locals for its crystal clear waters and stunning views across the Mediterranean Sea, is located between Kas and Gokkaya Bay. Kocakari bay is a popular overnight spot for Blue Cruises and Gulet Boats, with calm water is protected by surrounding cliffs and forests. This is also a stunning position to watch the sunset over the glistening Turquoise coast. Feel your breath taken away orange light illuminates the nearby islands.

The refreshing blue water is fantastic for swimming and Kocakari Bay is a great spot for snorkelling or diving, as the visibility is very good and the lack of wind makes it ideal for beginners. Below the sea you can find stunning coral reefs and many colourful sponges, you will feel like you are swimming into a rainbow! Fish and sea life is abundant in this area and a dive below the gentle waves can bring you close to octopus, starfish, sea urchins and many other creatures of the deep blue.

The best way to visit Kocakari Bay is with a Blue Cruise, many different itineraries are available from 1 day to 8 days, or you can book a private cruise and enjoy the benefits of a personalized itinerary. Cruises depart from various towns along the coast and stop at equally marvellous locations such as Aquarium Bay, Blue Cave and Samanlik Bay

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