Blue Cave

Blue cave (Mavi Magara), is located in the Kekova region, it has gained its name from the dazzling blue hue of the water. You can swim through the low entrance in the cliff face and marvel at the sapphire stone walls as the sunlight bounces of the sea filling the cave with blue light. At the mouth of Blue Cave is a low ledge from which you can launch yourself into the crystal clear water. Even non-swimmers can enjoy the beautiful Blue cave as you can paddle inside by canoe from the Kaputas beach or drift in with a small dinghy from your Gulet Cruise ship.

Blue Cave is also known as Pirates Cave, due to its geographical location it was once an ideal place for Pirates to lay in wait for trade ships that journeyed along the Mediterranean sea. Today the Cave can be reached only by boat or, for the brave-hearted, by swimming from Kaputas Beach. It is a relatively short distance from the beach to the cave but be aware of currents around the mouth of the cave which can pull swimmers towards the rocks. Kaputas is a fine sandy beach close to Kas and well worth a visit, behind the beach is an impressive canyon; freshwater cascades over the rock and into the sea which glistens under the summer sun.

The Kekova area, between the popular tourist town of Kas and Kalkan resort town, is known for its fantastic swimming spots and stunning bays, in this section of Turkey's Turquoise coast the rocky cliff face dives directly into the sea. Years of natural erosion and earthquakes have caused small caves to form in the rock and narrow entrances sit just above sea level. Other fantastic spots in the area include Simena Castle, The Sunken City and  Gokkaya Bay.

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