Yaglica Bay

If you are planning to take a Blue Cruise to the Kekova region Yaglica Bay will probably be on your itinerary, your Gulet boat may anchor in this spectacular bay overnight or stop for lunch so you can enjoy swimming and snorkelling in the crystal clear waters. Yaglica Bay is enclosed on 3 sides by rocky cliffs and lush green trees and shrubs which cling to the cliffside; it makes a marvellous backdrop as you float in the middle of the glistening bay.

To reach this picturesque spot you will sail north from the Akar strait, it is not possible to arrive by road, therefore, you will have the bay almost completely to yourself, the narrow entrance allows space for only a 2 or 3 yachts at a time so the peace and quiet of this magical location will not be disturbed by traffic.

In this bay, the turquoise water is ideal for snorkelling, in some places you can see to the dazzling coral reefs that decorate the sea bed. Meanwhile, the water is alive with activity and you can spot many varieties of fish and other sea creatures. Diving excursions are also available throughout the Kekova region. When you've finished exploring the depth of the Mediterranean sea you can return to your boat for refreshments or sunbathe on the top deck. When it comes to beautiful locations Yaglica Bay is defiantly at the top of the list.

The Kekova region is home to many more secluded bays and quaint coves such as Kocakari Bay and Gokkaya Bay. Blue Cruises typically include a visit the fishing town of Kas in their itineraries. 

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